UB40 fan’s ‘Labour of Love’ to find work pays off

A secure job, a fulfilling relationship and evenings out watching live bands play your favourite tunes. Sounds like the recipe for a happy life for most people and Stuart is no different.

After being unemployed for four years, Stuart was introduced to Georgina Bradley who works on Accelerate, an employment support service offered by Grapevine.

He was living with his wife – who also has some additional needs – in Stratford-upon-Avon. Life was good but not as good as it could be with the self-esteem that comes from earning a wage.

His cleaning experience meant he was being offered interviews but not the job he so desperately wanted to support his family.

Georgina reworked his CV and immediately recognised that Stuart needed her to attend interviews with him. At the very first one with Goldcrest Cleaning, they found success!

Georgina explains: “Stuart’s autism presented some challenges but I was there to ensure we could overcome the challenges and work together to achieve his goal.
“Goldcrest Cleaning were impressed and offered him the job. They have been brilliant all the way through.”

Stuart is working at Welcombe Hills School (a special education needs school) not far from home in Stratford. His manager at Goldcrest, Lisa, worked with Georgina on his training in the early days to give him the best start. He is now settled and supported by both Lisa and the school.

Georgina said: “Stuart is going from strength to strength. I’m so pleased to have helped him complete the final bit of his puzzle to create a good life.”

Stuart and his wife are avid UB40 fans – they even met at a concert – and are looking forward to going to see a tribute act soon and they are also celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary later this year.

Accelerate is a partnership of local organisations that specialise in supporting people in Coventry and Warwickshire who would like to work but find it hard to get a job and enjoy all the benefits that employment brings.

Stuart’s story helps to mark 25 years of Grapevine and their work to strengthen people who are facing all kinds of adversity.

Grapevine helps all kinds of people experiencing isolation, poverty and disadvantage in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Stuart outside of Welcome Hills School

Stuart makes the most of his new job!

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