Fabulous feedback!

Fabulous feedback from participants for our courses provided by Orbit Heart of England

Motivation course:

Customer stated that since doing the course, she started practising the simple Mindfulness technique taught during the session. Has also started doing further research and reading as suggested during the course and noticed the benefits immediately, as suddenly life just felt better.

In her words:

Motivation Course: own words quote

“ This course was life changing for me and I cannot thank you enough”.



Mindfulness Course:

Customer sent email post the course to state that it had kickstarted his life again. He realised that he would need to sort out his mental health first before he could start to work towards his ultimate goal of upskilling himself towards his dream job. Straight after the course he immediately made an appointment with his GP and stated that he felt so much happier and more in charge of his life.

In his words:

Mindfulness course: own words quote

“ This course made such a huge difference to my life and for the first time in a long time, I feel focussed, happier and in full control of my life. Honestly I feel that this course saved my life. ”



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