UB40 fan’s ‘Labour of Love’ to find work pays off

A secure job, a fulfilling relationship and evenings out watching live bands play your favourite tunes. Sounds like the recipe for a happy life for most people and Stuart is no different. After being unemployed for four years, Stuart was introduced to Georgina Bradley who works on Accelerate, an employment support service offered by Grapevine. He[…]

September 2017 newsletter

Please find a link to the Accelerate newsletter for September 2017 which highlights recent success stories and updates on the progress of the project https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmailchi.mp%2F19798d58fe79%2Fnewsletter-for-september-2017%3Fe%3Dcbdd787553&h=ATNlrXMG2A5DRIQ0oY6VITNp9OPwfyjAvTtCQHTMnmvwHqIv5q97PSeVjlgshqEEkv5cfdrALi4LLtrFCGH2w3rf1gtikv0hqt_C5C50xwtVjdwdynsGqY8OsIDrxVmAbwYo_1PiHFcvuPWX_4yO4VxLT8w_m6X9vXZFclAGOKZtbSD_dQjH44pZrXOR8gd4IwUkpqGCTGKM59HTPbL3kTVdu2ntD8Q7Pp0dYZ_WGNQQguG2yfDV7hAJYcp7O8smaQaTlMgdUnQ-kaMJwbez81QLptg